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Sign -a language or an action to display acceptance of reality

24 February, 2006

went down yesdae again for my “duty”…. saw yongtai & js there intially think it will be another quiet day for me again cos no one there till bout 3+ when a couple and a man walked in to look for jobs. I was sitting at one side looking at how cg handle them, feel so impressed by her at the way how she’s able to communicate so well with them, cos sometimes I’ll get a feeling tat they see us as another community and they other esp e adults…. could tis be due to e barrier in communication or juz tat they accept tat “reality” tat we are of a different community? but e wierd thing is I dun feel tis with e kids…… maybe it take more than juz a smile to get into e complex world of adults…. or maybe i shld try harder to learn my SIGN and communicate better with them…. think tat will be tat for now….

at bout 4, e kids dropped in (hurray!!! haha juz love kids) recognise Eugene but he’s juz engrossed with e com yesdae to bother bout me lah. they practically juz threw me their cards and jumped into friendster e min they got in… noticed tat one of e new kid, a girl looked quite like him so i guessed she’s his sis, dunno y i nv bother to ask too juz simply assume, start to chat wif her got to know her name -Sharon. She’s a bit different from e guys, more into drawing & even visiting her class blog! than friendster (which e guys have an ulterior motive being so engross into hahaha) was talking to yongtal bout her & her bro then started wondering tat could their “uniqueness” be from their parents as well…. she was showing her class blog to me, her friends and oh a malay guy who she say she like cos he’s sooooooo handsome (hahaha kids!!!) then suddenly realised tat most of e couples who came in earlier seeking for jobs were oso of mixed ethnic groups….. is tis common among their own community, y is it we dun have tat much of mixed ethnic couples around us in our “normal” community??? is it tat they realli see themselves as different from us??? acceptance of reality???

oh finalli saw e tv uncle liao… find him super cute always smiling and sometimes jus fell aslp on e couch… and always tell us tat he’s going to e toilet whenever he’s answering mother nature calling hahaha….

hope to meet more of these colourful and unique characters during my time there, enjoying it more & more liao…..



My frist day…

21 February, 2006

My frist day helping out at the Touch Silent Club.

Regina, Trang and I came there on Fri. There had been 4 clients there when I came, an old man was watching TV, a pretty girl was looking for a job, Johnny, 29, and Shu Zheng, 15+, were playing games together. Johnny and Shu Zheng are very friendly. Shu Zheng taught us how to sign Mother, Father, Brother and Sister. She also helped us with the procedure when 2 more boys came. She was our guide heehee, and also our tutor for SL1001 ^___^.

There was another guy coming to find a job. He had some problems but Regina and I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to ask. How lah? we asked Jonny to be the translator, things became clearer but we still had to ask CG to help him. We learned from observing the way she explained to him, her patience, gentle smile…No wonder people coming there like her much!

I hardly signed (or said) anything that day (except for the “Slow” sign to ask them slow down their signing speed ~_~)  I dun have much experience and have difficulty thinking of st to start conversation with them. But I learned a lot from Regina. She’s friendly, active and outgoing. She said that her experience getting from doing other community services help her much. k, try loh, after this project, i will also get experience =)

And most of the time when I chatted with them, we had to use the board, paper n pencils or notepad. I was too slow not only in signing but also in reading their sign (even the alphabet) ;( hope that next time, i will take the chance to practice more with them.


For today, thanks to Marilyn, we know how to sign a song now :”Happy Birthday To You”.

It’s cool to join this project.

Huong Giang


Silent Club

19 February, 2006

TOUCH Silent Club

First Session

16 February, 2006

made a few friends..Daniel and Michel.. Michel commented i have a nice name! haha..they came by to look for their friends who were in the centre looking for jobs online..played UNO with them and signed abit here and there but Daniel could lip read so it wasnt much of a problem except i probably made a fool of myself signing so slowly and perhaps not accurately.. still not very confident lehh cannot blame..was a bit pressured and apprensive at first cos i din wanna let them have the feeling that i wanna deliberately make friends with them cos they are hearing impaired. At the same time i wanted to really get to know them to ask questions that are burning on my mind. Well, guess have to take a step at a time, improve my signing first! arbo can always depend on pen and paper! hee

some of them were looking for jobs online and the Silent Club are able to fax in their applications, stating that they are hearing impaired. i guess most of them are either not successful with their applications or they work for just a short period of time cos most are familiar faces and they always go back there to apply for jobs. Employers who are looking here: GET A LIFE!!

after the session went to buy bread..den suddenly felt weird speaking alot at one go.. cos at the club was sign as you speak.. and since my signing was slow and limited, i spoke little too.. hehehh..great experience though..looking forward to more sessions! just dun let me work with kids! lol



treasure sound dun take it for granted

16 February, 2006

Yesdae was at the Silent Club…. initially think my signing quite zai (good) liao onlt until when Louis ( a SP deaf student ) walked in then i realised i need more practice man and at e heat of moment i actualli forget a lot of the signs tat i’ve learnt b4 hand… haiz need more practice man…. & u will realli start to appreciate the beauty of being able to talk to communicate…. was trying to communicate to Selvam & Eugene ( 2 kids from The Singapore school for the Deaf) to teach them how to play com games then i suddenly start to realise communication is so difficult without words and sounds!!! realli start me thinking…. in e end haf to rely on notepad hahaha… aniwae i make a pact wif them to play carom next thurs so yup juz looking foward to see my 2 new frenz again! realli enjoy myself man!!!!!


The 1st Session

14 February, 2006

Yongming and I are at the centre now on the Valentine’s afternoon. We heard the explanation and description of our job scope earlier.

Seems like the centre is quite empty today, only three person around (u can guess who they are lah). Haha, think the kids are out on dates maybe.


No wonder its the silent club – there’s no 1 at all!!! hope the kids will come soon otherwise i have to entertain my pa for another 1 and half hours!!!! Kids plz come save me!!!!


Some ASL sites

12 February, 2006

I wanted to test the blog out so just post something I found on the Net.

So this is the sign langauge index, and ASL browser which has video clips showing the signs. Well, again, these two don’t contain all the words.