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how to upload a pic…..

31 March, 2006

ok….actually just got to know how to do it recently also…

1. At the Write Post page… there's an option to upload images….just do the normal uploading.

2. Next, click the Browse All tab just beside the Upload tab.

3. You'll see the image you've just uploaded there.

4. Click on your image and a menu will pop out.

5. You have a 2 options, one is to use the original picuture (i.e, full size pic) or the thumbnail version.

The other is whether you wan the picture to be linked…this one probably is for a full size image, in case it's a thumbnail version.

6. After you've done with everything, you can click Send to editor and it'll post it here, on the typing place….then you can type normally and publish, your pic will be there….

7. Of course after finish, should delete away the photo lah

e.g. below is a pic using original image and linked

selvam and the small flower


Balloons making session!

30 March, 2006

wahh!! today was kind late cos got class till 2 den by the time i makan.. haha lucky got the ever punctual ever responsible js to cover for a while. thanks dude! soon after i arrived while js was assisting Doreen in job application Sharon and Selvam arrived! oh and the uncle was there also! as usual of the usual watching tv and smiling whenever we had eye contact.. oh ya so asked if selvam and sharon had any work to do they say dun have so play computer lor! ohh and so happen i had balloons with me!! got ephraim from MPX 1 to get for me! got 200!! hahaa so until your hands become rubber man! anywayy so i taught them to make the simplest-dog lor. wahhh sharon's dog damn nice! too bad she gave to jenny (this lady who came in to look for jobs) b4 i could take a pic of it. den selvam's green dog is in cg's room i think.. damn nice also la! but the front leg one long one short. yup den we moved on to sword and flowers! had fun bursting balloons and making sculptures next time must learn more to chuan shou wu gong! oh here are the pics! tt selvam trying to be funny take the small flower tie on his head den keep asking me not to take pic of him but he still pose…. diaoooo….


Our last week…

29 March, 2006


hmm,very fast..this is already our final week at TOUCH. 1 April will be the official closing…felt really sad…cos its being a not-so-long but super interesting period…i gotta miss everythg here…everyone…

ok, first of all, I have to apologise to those who have to' work' alone…i really tried my best…really appreciate you efforts…heartfelt…

Vivian voiced out that she wanna come down more often…JS wanted too…i will ask CG whether can or not…anymore of u interested???heehee…u guys are really damn TOUCHY man…but i like …yummy…

But ah, exams first k? dun TOUCH too much at the expenses of results…

And for the ubin trip…thank you guys…Namely, vivian, yeeteng, yongmin, yongtai, tengfu. I really enjoyed myself. hope you guys too. and vivian and yeeteng, thank you for rushing down after your field trip…no lunch for u oso…aiyah, my fault…hope the BBQ can compensate..

ok man, work hard everyone…always w u….


the 4th day :)

24 March, 2006

Not many ppl came on my 3rd day (last Fri). Actually only Chin Boon came, even our “T-sign” uncle didn’t come. so not many things to write.

But this afternoon, there were more things for us to do (^_^). Regina and I were on the same bus but we didn’t know until we alighted. When we reached, the old uncle and Chin Boon had already been there. Chin Boon didn’t look very cheerful today. (wonder why..). Then Doreen came, she can talk a bit, not very clearly but you can still manage to recognize the words. She’s very friendly. She asked us what we liked. Fortunately, we did practice this in one of the signing lessons ^___^. We talked to each other while cutting and folding the brochure for Touch Silent Club, and then Shu Zhen and Keat came. I was very glad seeing them again as last Fri they didn’t come as usual (forgot to ask why already 😦 ).

Shu Zhen immediately sat down and helped us fold the brochure. Nice girl 🙂 Keat also offered to help. And we finished everything very fast, 4 ppl mah 🙂

Keat began taking out his homework. Physics this time, i was kinda scared at first, long time no physics!! but luckily, Regina and I could still remember st, enough to help him with the homework. Then, Chemistry came. Oh man, it’s the subject i hate most, why? ‘cos i never could do well in this sub! I wrote :”I am very bad at chemistry” Keat read it and shook his head, he wrote :” Pls dont say that” heehee, he’s sooo nice, and cute. 😀

 Then Regina and I came to talk with the uncle, he showed us a tube of skin softening lotion, $18. He told us that s/o was very naughty cutting his shoes (only a small cut). He said st abt Thailand and showed us a small souvenir bought in Thailand, also showed us his $400 camera…he really has a lot of stories to tell. He also seems very excited and happy whenever telling stories to us, so I wonder if this is the only place where he can share his thoughts and tell his stories. I hope not…

Then, Shu Zhen, Keat, Regina and I played UNO, Doreen was the advisor for both Regina and Shu Zhen (hee, she seems very good at playing this). Did ask Chin Boon to join but he didn’t want. Something wrong with him today, very quiet, not as naughty as usual but i didn’t know what to do, he just glued his eyes to the computer screen.

btw, can anyone recommend another game besides UNO, we only play it, all the time, and the problem is that i am always the last winner… 😦 🙂 😀 😛 ). Although Keat did help me, i still lost, aizz.. so unlucky.

The game ended at 5:05.. returned them their cards and bye bye. Brian never forgets to say “thank you” before we leave…




“you can give without loving but u cant love without giving”

21 March, 2006

my 4th trip today…. somehow every trip always proves have something waiting for me to learn, to discover…. reached early today like 1230 reach liao so went to the opp. macdonalds and guess who i saw e cute peh peh haha… still as cute as ever… signing to me that he will go up later… at 2 i went up and he was there already on the red couch comfortably watching tv…. as usual tues always a bit quiet lah so was doing my own reading until carol and caroline (haha my new frenz) came in to look for jobs…. so as usual call for cg…somehow start to realise that e peh peh have been eating a lot of sweets dunno y jus popping one after another…. dunno its a habit or wat… and as usual he will fall aslp on e couch….

at bout 330 then e kids come but today sharon and eugene nv cum was quite curious lah so ask selvam and he told me that eugene was sick and sharon went home oso… then i ask him chin boon lei and he say he sick oso… dunno true or not? hahaha… aniwae 1 cool discovery today… there are heart-shaped sweets beside e water dispenser… wats so special bout them is tat inside e wrapper (u must tear open entirely to be able to see) they are hidden msg inside… how i know? e smart kids loh! well selvem 1 says “you can give without loving but u cant love without giving” cool rite? and he teach me how to sign e msg loh… whohoo think i will buy some of these sweets to cambodia for nikun they all…

waiting for my next session….


HandSigns images

19 March, 2006

eh, managed to find some handsigns off the web. actually they’re animated, but then i find it quite irritating so changed them to stationary, leaving J and Z as they are, think you guys know why. Erm…fyi if u wanna include it into MSN as one of your emoticons, just remember that you can only include a max of 5 per message

you can get the file here :

In case you can’t locate the link to download….you can refer to the screenie below

Free Image Hosting at

Signing Book -the small little yellow book

19 March, 2006


eh, i manage to get hold of the small yellow signing book from NLB…titled Signing Exact English…So exciting…i will be pirating…anyone interested?Let me know yah???

For those freshies, or non-locals, pirating means hmmm….offend the copyright laws…haha…will be photocopying the entire book…heehee