the 4th day :)

Not many ppl came on my 3rd day (last Fri). Actually only Chin Boon came, even our “T-sign” uncle didn’t come. so not many things to write.

But this afternoon, there were more things for us to do (^_^). Regina and I were on the same bus but we didn’t know until we alighted. When we reached, the old uncle and Chin Boon had already been there. Chin Boon didn’t look very cheerful today. (wonder why..). Then Doreen came, she can talk a bit, not very clearly but you can still manage to recognize the words. She’s very friendly. She asked us what we liked. Fortunately, we did practice this in one of the signing lessons ^___^. We talked to each other while cutting and folding the brochure for Touch Silent Club, and then Shu Zhen and Keat came. I was very glad seeing them again as last Fri they didn’t come as usual (forgot to ask why already 😦 ).

Shu Zhen immediately sat down and helped us fold the brochure. Nice girl 🙂 Keat also offered to help. And we finished everything very fast, 4 ppl mah 🙂

Keat began taking out his homework. Physics this time, i was kinda scared at first, long time no physics!! but luckily, Regina and I could still remember st, enough to help him with the homework. Then, Chemistry came. Oh man, it’s the subject i hate most, why? ‘cos i never could do well in this sub! I wrote :”I am very bad at chemistry” Keat read it and shook his head, he wrote :” Pls dont say that” heehee, he’s sooo nice, and cute. 😀

 Then Regina and I came to talk with the uncle, he showed us a tube of skin softening lotion, $18. He told us that s/o was very naughty cutting his shoes (only a small cut). He said st abt Thailand and showed us a small souvenir bought in Thailand, also showed us his $400 camera…he really has a lot of stories to tell. He also seems very excited and happy whenever telling stories to us, so I wonder if this is the only place where he can share his thoughts and tell his stories. I hope not…

Then, Shu Zhen, Keat, Regina and I played UNO, Doreen was the advisor for both Regina and Shu Zhen (hee, she seems very good at playing this). Did ask Chin Boon to join but he didn’t want. Something wrong with him today, very quiet, not as naughty as usual but i didn’t know what to do, he just glued his eyes to the computer screen.

btw, can anyone recommend another game besides UNO, we only play it, all the time, and the problem is that i am always the last winner… 😦 🙂 😀 😛 ). Although Keat did help me, i still lost, aizz.. so unlucky.

The game ended at 5:05.. returned them their cards and bye bye. Brian never forgets to say “thank you” before we leave…




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One Comment on “the 4th day :)”

  1. ||YYT|| Says:

    woo hoo….cool! old unker tok to u guys also…..he’s super interesting….btw OT little bit…..thursday not much pple, onli shuzhen and old unker…so didn’t update her…

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