Our last week…


hmm,very fast..this is already our final week at TOUCH. 1 April will be the official closing…felt really sad…cos its being a not-so-long but super interesting period…i gotta miss everythg here…everyone…

ok, first of all, I have to apologise to those who have to' work' alone…i really tried my best…really appreciate you efforts…heartfelt…

Vivian voiced out that she wanna come down more often…JS wanted too…i will ask CG whether can or not…anymore of u interested???heehee…u guys are really damn TOUCHY man…but i like …yummy…

But ah, exams first k? dun TOUCH too much at the expenses of results…

And for the ubin trip…thank you guys…Namely, vivian, yeeteng, yongmin, yongtai, tengfu. I really enjoyed myself. hope you guys too. and vivian and yeeteng, thank you for rushing down after your field trip…no lunch for u oso…aiyah, my fault…hope the BBQ can compensate..

ok man, work hard everyone…always w u….


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2 Comments on “Our last week…”

  1. Silent Communicator Says:

    wah someone writing shorter and shorter liao… haha… kinda miss e long msg… hmm think tats human lah, will start missing things that u lost always not treasuring wat u haf at present… aniwae meh thks for giving me e opportunity to join tis fun fun project get to know a lot of great ppl like cg, u, tengfu, e kids, e cute uncle and of cos e elder sis of js – YOU. (or u e younger 1 aiya nvm lah hahaha….) its been so fun so far so yup juz hope to TOUCH again next sem but too bad u not there liao cos graduating rite? ok then bestest of luck and blessing to u in e outside world!!!!


  2. YZ Says:

    yah so fast. time really flies.

    It’s really been a long time since I last went TOUCH. Think it’s about a month! Oh i really miss the kids and funny happenings there.

    Haha, lucky got this blog to keep me updated. šŸ™‚

    Looking fwd to catch up with all of you.

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