Balloons making session!

wahh!! today was kind late cos got class till 2 den by the time i makan.. haha lucky got the ever punctual ever responsible js to cover for a while. thanks dude! soon after i arrived while js was assisting Doreen in job application Sharon and Selvam arrived! oh and the uncle was there also! as usual of the usual watching tv and smiling whenever we had eye contact.. oh ya so asked if selvam and sharon had any work to do they say dun have so play computer lor! ohh and so happen i had balloons with me!! got ephraim from MPX 1 to get for me! got 200!! hahaa so until your hands become rubber man! anywayy so i taught them to make the simplest-dog lor. wahhh sharon's dog damn nice! too bad she gave to jenny (this lady who came in to look for jobs) b4 i could take a pic of it. den selvam's green dog is in cg's room i think.. damn nice also la! but the front leg one long one short. yup den we moved on to sword and flowers! had fun bursting balloons and making sculptures next time must learn more to chuan shou wu gong! oh here are the pics! tt selvam trying to be funny take the small flower tie on his head den keep asking me not to take pic of him but he still pose…. diaoooo….


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3 Comments on “Balloons making session!”

  1. ||YYT|| Says:

    haha…cool! bet they loved it man….

  2. Silent Communicator Says:

    i wanna learn oso ma!!!

  3. Silent Communicator Says:

    heyy wait wait!! how to put picture!!?? hhahaha yyt helpppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

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