how to upload a pic…..

ok….actually just got to know how to do it recently also…

1. At the Write Post page… there's an option to upload images….just do the normal uploading.

2. Next, click the Browse All tab just beside the Upload tab.

3. You'll see the image you've just uploaded there.

4. Click on your image and a menu will pop out.

5. You have a 2 options, one is to use the original picuture (i.e, full size pic) or the thumbnail version.

The other is whether you wan the picture to be linked…this one probably is for a full size image, in case it's a thumbnail version.

6. After you've done with everything, you can click Send to editor and it'll post it here, on the typing place….then you can type normally and publish, your pic will be there….

7. Of course after finish, should delete away the photo lah

e.g. below is a pic using original image and linked

selvam and the small flower

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One Comment on “how to upload a pic…..”

  1. Meh Says:

    He looks cute!!!haha…and that contrasting colour combination with his skin colour..oops..he reminds me of the Darlie (toothpaste) man with his hat replaced with the flower…
    hmm..i dun mind to make fun of him..but it’s really a good pic…THumbs up amanda!


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