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17 April, 2006

wah seh….been like 2 weeks without going down Touch liao….feel so…erm….dunno…empty? I miss the ah pek…

studying for exams really makes one lifeless…btw, it also made me wonder…when is the exam period for the deaf students, haha wanna see them stressed out….

 oh and dun forget….up UP!



The Last Days….

1 April, 2006

Oh i finally found the little login corner :p :p

Today is the last day the your group will be here before you ppl break for exam. I actually thot is the LAST DAY and i'm not gg to see u guys and gals again :p Later Marilyn clarified tat some of you should be coming back after exam in June or July until the new batch comes in. Phew! Coz wanted to catch you ppl b4 you all disappear for good 🙂 must say good-bye mah…

Actually want to thank this person (or persons, i dono who did that :p – maybe someone can enlightened me) who helped me to put on the desktop (at least for computer 2) the links to the 4 essential web pages that are most used by the job-seekers. I only discovered today :p But am very surprised to see that kind of thoughtfulness. Wa!!! Whoever u r, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Think you will go far man, with such initiatives displayed 🙂 🙂 Also many thanks to those who have been filling up the biscuits tins…

Actually Marilyn, Jinsheng and Yongming are still around in CCD. I sneaked in to write this post 😀

Wish everyone be blessed with the strength and wisdom for your coming exams and all will passed with flying colours!!! See u in June 🙂

~ juz cg ~