We’re back…TOUCHies return…

Finally finally finally…:) We are back!!!Coming on stronger, and more dynamic eh…

More organised, more activities, and with many new looks…JiaYou!

Was with YM and amanda on 10 Aug(thurs)..din realise was a school holiday, so din get to see the kids at all…hmmmmm…….But anyway, we always have our loyal uncle, Uncle Toh, at TSC… heehee…met new faces too…We have a Paul-twohill supporter, and a biker with her girlfren..heehee..nice pple to tok with…

Bought toto that day…Big prize man…was actually dreaming…if really really i strike, i am going to be a boss…real boss this time. Will open a cafe that sells traditional dianxin and fruit juice. Will make mum to pass her secret recipes to my workers. I will hire everyone from TSC and ask them to run my business for me while I continue to teach..haha…

well, guess I taut too much…But I will not give up trying..haha..Toto cannot,4D-ibet I oso happy.heehee..time to wake up!!!!

oh, amanda and YM brought Uncle Toh for dinner. He very happy…Thanks babes…for sure he will appreciate.

K man, much scrap…Enjoy yourselves.Keep going

Always around,


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One Comment on “We’re back…TOUCHies return…”

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