“you can give without loving but u cant love without giving”

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my 4th trip today…. somehow every trip always proves have something waiting for me to learn, to discover…. reached early today like 1230 reach liao so went to the opp. macdonalds and guess who i saw e cute peh peh haha… still as cute as ever… signing to me that he will go up later… at 2 i went up and he was there already on the red couch comfortably watching tv…. as usual tues always a bit quiet lah so was doing my own reading until carol and caroline (haha my new frenz) came in to look for jobs…. so as usual call for cg…somehow start to realise that e peh peh have been eating a lot of sweets dunno y jus popping one after another…. dunno its a habit or wat… and as usual he will fall aslp on e couch….

at bout 330 then e kids come but today sharon and eugene nv cum was quite curious lah so ask selvam and he told me that eugene was sick and sharon went home oso… then i ask him chin boon lei and he say he sick oso… dunno true or not? hahaha… aniwae 1 cool discovery today… there are heart-shaped sweets beside e water dispenser… wats so special bout them is tat inside e wrapper (u must tear open entirely to be able to see) they are hidden msg inside… how i know? e smart kids loh! well selvem 1 says “you can give without loving but u cant love without giving” cool rite? and he teach me how to sign e msg loh… whohoo think i will buy some of these sweets to cambodia for nikun they all…

waiting for my next session….



HandSigns images

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eh, managed to find some handsigns off the web. actually they’re animated, but then i find it quite irritating so changed them to stationary, leaving J and Z as they are, think you guys know why. Erm…fyi if u wanna include it into MSN as one of your emoticons, just remember that you can only include a max of 5 per message

you can get the file here :


In case you can’t locate the link to download….you can refer to the screenie below

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Signing Book -the small little yellow book

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eh, i manage to get hold of the small yellow signing book from NLB…titled Signing Exact English…So exciting…i will be pirating…anyone interested?Let me know yah???

For those freshies, or non-locals, pirating means hmmm….offend the copyright laws…haha…will be photocopying the entire book…heehee



One month Anniversary~!!!!-_-

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A series of funny events….

We bought old chang kee..beancurd with ginko nuts..soya bean..beehoon..lemon chicken with rice (chicken lookz like fish lorh..probably they have the same ancestors~)..and miss yeeteng made miss vivian carry ALL the food..child abuse..datz the first part..FUNNY rite??!! hahahahhahahaa

Next up..We pressed the doorbell den someone came to open the door..at the same time we were spectulating who will be the lucky one to open the door for us..We stared at the guy who opened the door (he took like 1 min to open the door??!!) for about 5 seconds..so is 65 seconds altogether..(oh..we froze too..)..den the guy made the first move by signing ‘HI’..we were stunned..amused…whatever lar..cuz the guy was wearing the hwa chong uniform so we were thinking this deaf person muz be damn smart man..and meanwhile..I BET he was thinking how come this two deaf people so pretty……………the rest of the story up to your imagination lar..FUNNY RITE??!! hahahahaha

after the funni encounter….den as usual something funny will happen..we spilled our soya bean..haha..on the floor…the floor is honoured to taste some of our soya bean man..DAMN FUNNY RITE? hahahaha…

anyway…today got this group of students doing some leadership course so we are just like looking at them stealing glances at us…..then wat is going to happen nx?CONFIRMED is smthg FUNNY la…DIAO…

 Vivian and Yeeteng

11/03/06 “SET DE DAY”

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ai yoh…forgot to update sia….

Heng today the usual gang(should give them a name man) not here, i.e. Eugene, Sharon, selvam, nabbi, chin boon….etc lah. According to CG, they have some carnival to go to IIRC. So today only got 3 pple studying, 2 teenagers, and 1 ah pek…haha

I took meera for english today, the other 2 studying were johnson silvers(small indian kid, this one ar…tsk tsk tsk, will elobrate later), and a sweet sweet gal, eh…something ting one…paisei lah..not good with names. both of the gals are partially deaf, so they are able to listen with the help of the hearing aid, thus communications also slightly easier.
Wah, then taking english is a challenge man….was teaching sentence formation mah, then i dunno a thing about verb, nouns and stuff, so told her that generally the sentences will start with a person, after which an action, then the location/time. And also taught here that why, who, how, where, when all must use question mark!!! this one quite good, cos when i ask her at the end why she uses the qn…she tell me “cos the sentence starts with Why mah!” haha…woohoo…btw her voice also quite sweet, those kiddy voice….haha…maybe next time can dub cartoons or what.

but what i feel is that these children we tutor, most of them have the mentality that we are there to help them do the work, they just act as heavenly as they can then just nod their head….but seriously i dun really think they understand man, so gotta work on this part more, and not be taken in by their tactics, LOL, must make sure they understand and not help them solve the qns.

ok now to this johnson silvers…name very nice but very naughty….like ah beng also.. always signal to me like wanna fight….then after his tuition, he went to surf net….and what u know….this guy is only ard 10 bah…and he already typing url names like http://www.sex.com…or http://www.bra.com……wth….so horny at such a young age…other pple playing online games he does this instead…..hai yah….what i do is just backspace the page then say nono loh…he ask why… I dunno how to explain either….
Then ah pek today came in with new shoes !!! he say it cost 30 bucks, need to buy cos the old one the front split open. I asked CG whether his signings are exact ones, she say no lah…haha, it’s his own signs, and also his mouthing of the words are also in hokkien! haha…

see cutting down liao….woo hoo…that’s all up UP!


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just came back from duty.. did with yongtai today.. had lunch together at the hawker centre b4 our duty began.. cg looked a bit weary and had sinus.. tAKE CARE man! dun overwork yaself! 🙂 sharon eugene selvan and wenlong came by today.. wanted to teach them how to use straws to make stars but their enthusiasm wore off in no time.. sharon managed to create half a star b4 we played PICTIONARY!! damn fun!! PS: next time if play Pictionary horr.. pls dun team up with yyt!! super lousy at guessing lor! haha his signing much better than mine though.. sighz..nvm practise makes perfect! but since nothing is perfect why practise? maybe pple practising to be perfect but haven reach that perfect stage yet.. so nothing is perfect YET..oh wadever! haha

next week shld be getting some balloons down to teach them balloon sculpting.. thanks to ephraim from MPX I who taught the team how to do balloon art.. its a good skill to have when working with children!

was talking to yyt b4 they came at about 3 plus.. talked about family violence, gender stereotype..foster and step parenting(they are not the same hor)..and why DaISO dun stock up on alot of STRAIGHT straws.. looking forward to balloon sculpting session next week! till den take care fellow Touchies!


EDIT : just something i stumbled upon also, dun think they learn chinese right….i wrote my surname on the paper and sharon gave me the “ahpa” huh look, macham see some wierd character….guess we have to take note here. looking forward to next week’s balloon art lesson ! anybody else free also can come down! ||yyt||

another great day…..

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guess tues always start dull…… cos was down today with yee teng today but nobody was there until 330… haiz for e past 1 half hr haf been going thro e books on e shelf- king david,noah ark, e 1st christmast, Dr Suess books, oh & a cute precious moments book- was so dull tat yee teng actualli fell aslp on e couch… by e way e cute peh peh nv come today so sad but hey at least at 330 e kids dropped by so yah not so bad lah…. today got chin boon eugene sharon selvam & 2 new faces i’ve yet to meet before-wen long & nahbrinda, cool!!! these kids ah realli remind me of my sec times kidding ard no need to worry bout sch work aft sch juz pure enjoyment… haiz sometimes realli envy them…. halfway thro started thinking bout e sharon & eugene issue again hahaha today got great insights from yee teng. was asking her :”Do you think, in e parents’ view, will it be better to have only a deaf child or 2 like eugene & sharon?” these days realli think too much ah… see lah ma all ur fault lah think i rub some off u loh… aniwae wat yee teng say brought some light for me… she say tat its better tat u knoe e parents haf 2 so tat e 2 can relate better to each other & in a way relieve e parents worries a bit, but then again its not up to e parents choice so can only look at e bright side of things! hmmm…… think i gain a bit of enlightment from her HUMMMMMM…. hahaha…. till next time then……